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Mixed Lot: silver table top cigarette box of polished and hinged rectangular form and bearing inscription “Presented by Officers and Ship’s Company of HM Submarine Unruffled” to a gilt lined lid and fitted base, width 17cms, London 1941, makers mark A&Co Ltd, together with a framed “Certificate of Decree by His Majesty King Neptune to Lt Cdr J S Stevens of HM Submarine Turpin”, together with a black and white photograph showing mine damage to HM SM “Triumph2, a translation copy of a letter from a survivor of the Italian submarine “Tarantini”, torpedoed and sunk by HMS Thunderbolt and another of submarine interest, a reproduction postcard depicting “Holland No 1 – the first Royal Navy submarine”, a programme for the bi-centenary of HMS Victory, 7th May 1965, and a cap tape for HMS Boscawen (qty)

Est. Price £50 - £60

This lot achieved £55

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