How to Bid Online

How to bid in a live auction

Online bidding on KeysLive allows you to watch and participate in an auction as it is happening.

Bid live on KeysLive as the auction takes place and follow the sale via the live audio and video feeds.

You can bid in real time against other bidders who are in the room or on the telephone.  You can do this from your home computer, or on your tablet or mobile phone. You’ll be able to watch and listen to the auction as it progresses and bid on the items you want.

How does it work?

Click on KeysLive from our main website, or go direct to

You’ll see a list of current auctions, click on the “View Catalogue” button to view the lots. By Clicking “Sign In – your account” at the top right you can create your account, make wish-lists of lots you like, and register for sales ready to leave absentee bids (autobids) or to bid live during the auction!


The lots in the sale are listed, and you can click on a lot to view full details and further photographs. You can also request further details of any lot.


Once you have browsed the lots available and found something you like, it’s time to get ready to bid. Set up an account with KeysLive (or use your existing login for, if you have one – this is different from your Keys Website login if you use our original website system to leave bids – you can of course still use that if you prefer!); if you haven’t already got an account, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for the auction

To participate in a live auction online you need to register your details with with us before the sale – just as you would in person. Even if you have an existing permanent number, you’ll still need to register to prove your identity.

From the auction page, which also shows all of the relevant detail for the sale, click on the button on the right hand of your screen that says ‘Register to Bid’.

This will give you  sign on form, or click the button ‘Click Here to Sign Up Now’ below it to create a new account. You will need to enter name, address, email, and phone, and we also ask for a credit or debit card to prove your identity and address details.

  1. Before the auction

Ensure that you confirm registration for the individual auction (by clicking the register button) and check the terms and conditions including collection details etc – you can even set an automatic email reminder to be sent ahead of the event if you want to.

You can bid live from anywhere, including on your tablet or mobile phone! At home, in the garden, in the bath…

  1. Live bidding

To bid in a live auction as the sale is taking place, firstly log in to your account on KeysLive and find the auction in which you wish to bid.

Assuming you have registered for the auction (see above) and have been approved by the system to bid (it’s usually automatic) then you’re ready to bid live.

If the auction is already underway, you’ll see the live-sale page where you can watch and listen to the auction taking place via the live audio and video feeds.

The current lot being sold is shown on screen with the level of bidding displayed alongside.

Keep an eye out for when the item you want to bid on is coming up. As the auctioneer offers that item, click the big blue BID button to make a bid for the amount you see. The bid will be relayed instantly to the auctioneer in the room and if you’re in the lead, the bid button will turn green and a message ‘You are in the lead’ will be displayed.

If you’re outbid, the blue bid button will reappear.

If you are the buyer, it will show on the screen and after the auction you will receive an email notification to tell you which lots you have bought.

If you don’t wish to bid live, you can place a maximum bid prior to sale. You just enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item, and then our website will take care of the bidding from there. Even if you already left a max bid before the auction, you can still bid live beyond that level.

Remember, if you have any problems or need any help you can give us a call.