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After Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino), 1483-1520, Six engravings from a series published by Angelo Biggi in Roma circa 1870 from Raphael's frescoes in the Vatican (Stanze di Raffaello Frescoeso), each engraving being made on chine applique paper backed by thick woven paper approx 33 ins x 46 ins, consisting of: "The expulsion of Heliodorus from the temple" by Vincenzo Pasqualoni and Oswaldo Ufer, plate 18 ½ ins x 28 ¼ ins, image 14 ½ ins x 26ins; "The Fire in the Borgo" by Filippo Severati and Giustino Garoggi, plate 22 ½ ins x 29 ½ ins, image 17 ¼ ins x 25 ¾ ins; After two ceiling frescoes in the room of Heliodorus, by Luigi Gatufi, plate 23 ins x 32 ½ ins, image 22 ¼ ins x 32 ¼ ins; "The Baptism of Constantine" by Filippo Severati and Nicola Sangiorgi, plate 19 ½ ins x 18 ½ ins, image 14 ½ ins x 14 ½ ins; "The Oath of Pope Leo III" by L Garelli and Gius Marcucci, plate 22 ¾ ins x 28 ¾ ins, image 18 ins x 25 ¾ ins; "The Mass at Bolsena" by Vincenzo Pasqualoni and Fed Seifert, plate 22 ½ ins x 28 ¾ ins, image 17 ¾ ins x 26 ¼ ins

Est. Price £100 - £150

This lot achieved £100

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