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Frederick Sandys (1829 – 1904, British), A group of 11 rare etchings in various small sizes from the Trevor Castle collection, as listed by Betty Elzea (“Frederick Sandys 1829-1904, a Catalogue Raisonné):I.B.2. “A bearded man in profile, holding a book” I.B.3. “A hand with drapery and a head of a woman” I.B.5. “A Bust of a Man with Side Whiskers” I.B.6. “Frederick Sandys after a portrait by Anthony Sands (James Reeves’ inscription on the mount reads “etched by A Sandys. Intended for the likeness of his son when he was 17 years of age”) I.B.8. “Portrait of an unknown 17th Century Divine I.B.20. “A bearded man in a Fez Cap” I.B.21. “A bearded man in a Conical Cap” I.B.29. “The remains of a Roman pottery kiln” I.B.30. “A Landscape at Hunworth, Norfolk with a wooden foot bridge over a stream” I.B.31. “Landscape near Hunworth, Norfolk with a gate in the foreground I.B.32. “Landscape with deer at Sheringham, Norfolk” Provenance: James Reeve by descent to his daughter, Mrs Louis Tillett, purchased by Alec Cotman, sold after his death by Keys Fine Art Auctioneers, 13/04/1984, later to Simon Gough, the Holt bookseller, bought from his catalogue No. 42, part of Lot 164 by the present owner. For the rarity of these etchings see Elzea’s, Catalogue Raisonné (11)

Est. Price £1000 - £1500

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