Keys holds the region’s largest regular specialist sales of Jewellery, Watches & Silver

Whether buying a special gift for a loved one, or trading in a piece that is rarely worn, Keys Jewellery Sales are the best place to buy and sell

Our regular sales of Jewellery, Silver and Watches attract top-quality entries of all types of Gold and Silver Jewellery, good quality Wristwatches and Pocket/Fob Watches, Antique and later Silver (from all periods), and have a strong following internationally. From modern premium Watches (Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, to name a few) through to diamond Rings and Earrings and historic Silver works of art, we have a large number of proven buyers and collectors for all valuables.

Jewellery Auctions take place bi-monthly, and usually consist of a wide range of pieces in all styles, typically including gold and silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, and more. An international audience of ready buyers is always available, even for broken pieces which may be thought to hold little value.

Our Silver & Watches auctions, which are also bi-monthly alternating with our Jewellery Auctions, usually include a wide selection of Silver of wide range of ages and styles, together with a selection of antique and later Pocket & Wrist Watches.

Our Fine sales, held three times every year, also include a specially-curated selection of Jewellery, Watches, and Silver.

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