Guide to Selling at Keys

Our experienced team of valuers offer free, no-obligation advice on selling any item, and appraisals of value

We are always delighted to guide new clients through the process of selling at auction.

Thinking of Consigning?

Consignments are always welcome and are accepted continually, whether for our weekly auctions or for our specialist Fine Art sales, with items being assigned to the next available suitable auction. Entries are accepted Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm - no appointment is necessary to deliver to our weekly sales, although to ensure entry in the following week's auction we recommend that you deliver on a Tuesday.

For entries to our monthly Antiques and Art sales, and for our specialist sales, or for those who are unsure of the value or saleability of their items, we invite all potential sellers to make an appointment in the first instance with one of our valuation team who will assess your items and provide an estimate of expected auction value. Simply call us (01263 733195) or email and we will be delighted to arrrange a mutually convenient time for you to visit our Aylsham saleroooms.
For large collections, or for contents of properties, our valuers can attend and inspect your items in-situ at your convenience. Please contact us in the first instance as above to make an appointment.

Online Valuation

Fill in out free online appraisal form

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Cataloguing and Sale

Once your items are with us, they will be sorted for entry into the most appropriate sale to ensure maximum realised value and allocated a sales date. A description is allocated to your items (which may be sorted into lots to maximise return to you), and they are then photographed and listed online in advance of the auction.
Reserves (minimum sale prices) may be placed on items in agreement with our staff (these are usually placed at time of delivery to us).
A notification is sent to you by email just prior to the sale to confirm date of entry, and any reserve or estimate placed on your items. You can, of course, follow the sale online.

After the Auction

After the auction, you will receive a preliminary sales notification by email stating how much your items sold for, with a full breakdown for each individual lot (subject to conditions of sale). If any lots are unsold, they are handled in accordance with our terms and conditions – lots are usually entered into one sale with a reserve, a second sale with reduced reserve, and a third sale with no reserve. Unreserved items which fail to attract our minimum bid should be collected promptly upon receipt of sale notification.

If unsold lots remain with us, we reserve the right to send them for disposal. Large items / furniture will attract a disposal fee of £25.00 + VAT, per item.

Payment is made directly into your bank account by BACS within 21 days of the auction (within seven days for weekly sales), after deduction of seller and any transportation charges as agreed.

Our Charges

Our charges are intended to be transparent, simple and straightforward.
Our standard commission rate is 16% of the sale price.
There is also an entry, or Lotting, charge for each lot which varies per sale, as follows:
  • Weekly Sales – £2.00 per lot
  • Commercial & Garden Sales (incl small machinery) – £2.50 per lot
  • Monthly and Specialist Sales – £3 per lot
  • Fine & East Anglian Art Sales – £10 per lot (including glossy catalogue entry with photography)
To include handling, presentation, photography, internet listings, and insurance.
If you wish to arrange collection (from a single item to complete property clearance), please contact us for quotation.
(please note that all of our charges are subject to VAT at the standard rate)
Commercial & Machinery Sales and Vehicles have different entry rates – please contact us for details.