The East Anglian Sale

Painting by Edward Seago

Our second East Anglian Sale of 2019 is fast approaching and it’s no secret this is one of our favourite auctions of the year being so close to our hearts. It is such a privilege to be surrounded by some amazing works by local artists and scenes of our unique and beautiful region.

Some artists of interest for this sale include the following:

Gerald Ackermann, John Alfred Arnesby-Brown, Stephen J Batchelder, Edward Bawden, Harry Becker, Henry Bright, Colin W Burns, Prunella Clough, Samuel D Colkett, J J Cotman, J S Cotman, Jack Cox, John Crome, William H Crome, Mary Fedden, Rowland Fisher, Roland Green, John Cyril Harrison, David Hodgson, Ian Houston, John B Ladbrooke, Thomas Lound, Campbell Archibald Mellon, John Middleton, Alfred J Munnings, John Nash, Mary Newcomb, Tessa Newcomb, Henry Ninham, Claughton Pellew, John Piper, Edward Seago, Colin Self, Peggy Somerville, Stuart Somerville, Frank Southgate, Leonard R Squirrell, Alfred Stannard, Eloise H Stannard, Joseph Stannard, James Stark, George Vincent, Charles M Wigg.

The Sale will be held on Friday 25th October and entries are open until the end of September with the catalogue available shortly after.

For more information regarding consigning items to this auction or if you would like a catalogue sent to you please contact Kate Banks or Kevin Lines on 01263 733195 or